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May the Fourth be with you!

It was one of those special, and somewhat rare, Saturday mornings when it was Vanessa that got up to let Ryder out at 5am (he is an avowed early morning pee’er) and then decided to hang out on the couch with him and let me sleep in.

 On most days I’m the one to get up with Ryder, as I’m much more of a morning person than her. But occasionally the stars align and I get to “sleep in”.  A morning person knows that’s a relative term, as I did get up at 6:30am but for me that was good. Vanessa can sleep in, and when the stars align for her, we won’t see her till 10am.

Anyway, my intention for today was for me to get up, pull some weeds, cut the grass, and get started on my spring power washing while the girls went out to get manni peddi’s and then they would pitch in when they got back.

I actually started off on track, getting my coffee and reading blogs for 20 minutes while walking on the treadmill (more about that another time). However, the plan went south soon enough when I sat down and looked at Facebook and found out that today was “Star Wars Day” leading to the title of today’s blog). So, I got James moving (he’s definitely NOT a morning person), got my shower and got dressed. I then checked the opening times for a store that I have been wanting to take him to, which turned out to be not until noon. So, I kicked it down a notch, got a 2nd cup of coffee, and did my “Zillo App thing” (details on that another time) which seemed to quickly kill a couple of hours.

And then off we went looking for the store. It took me awhile to find it (hidden in plain sight) but when I finally did I squeezed the truck into a tiny parking space. This parking lot was cramped, and while its not a Monster Truck, my F150 feels like it has the limited turning radius of one. Anyway, when we walked  into the Comic book store you would have that James had died and gone to heaven! The place was packed almost elbow to elbow, which totally surprised me. Who knew there were still so many Comic Book/Dungeons and Dragons fans still around.

After a lap or two around the store he picked out a few comics starring X-23, which he explained was the female version of Wolverine from the X men universe. Long line but when we got up to the cashier to pay I found out that not only was it Star Wars Day (or perhaps because it was?) it was also Comic Book Day and everything was half price. James and I then looked at each other but both quickly decided we did not want to go back to shop for more and the have to wait in that line again.

On the way home we stopped at McD’s and got lunch for everyone and I was then at a cross roads as to how the rest of my day would go. And I quickly caved in and deciding that, since I had already blown the morning, it was nap time instead of power wash time.
Now, before you judge me, I’m still technically at the final week or so of what I call my “Quiet Time” of the year. That’s when Football season has ended, Gymnastics season is over, and Spring has not fully kicked in and l spend every weekend during the next few months keeping up with yard work.

So, I took my nap on the couch, followed up by working on the blog for a bit as V and I did our previews and made our selection. For tonight is the time for the family tradition that is almost sacred to us… Saturday Family Pizza and a Movie night!. 

And tomorrow would be a much more auspicious day to pull weeds, cut grass, and official kick off spring power washing season. 

It would be  “The Revenge of the Fifth”!

My Take Away: Work will always fill the time you give to it, stop and smell the roses (or take a nap)


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