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Welcome To Dadding Today

Hi, I’m Jim and welcome to the “Dadding Today” blog!

A bit about me: I’m a member of the “Dadding 2.0” club as we are raising twin 11 year old’s, my second set of kids. 25 years earlier I was raising a daughter and a son 2 years apart, so I’ve done this role from diapers to Granddaughter.

I haven’t seen it all, probably just enough to be dangerous ;) 

I did 10 years in the USAF and the past 32 years at a behemoth telecom company where my wife also works, and I am right there in middle management. Which means I have all of the responsibility and none of the authority. So, it's sometimes a joy and often something a lot less than that, but its what I do and I'm pretty good at it.

I’m still a few years away from retirement but I now have it in the cross hairs and the twins freshmen year at collage and my retirement should line up nicely. That’s today's  plan anyway.

My wife, the twins, our two dogs Lucy and Ryder, and our current Au Pair, who is here from South Africa, reside in the Pacific Northwest in a comfortable house on an acre of land and in a great neighborhood and it's close to work. My wife is a full time telecommuter and works from home, and I split the time between working at home and being in the office.

That's the basics of my life and I will certainly give you much more detail of the inner workings of all of that as this blog unfolds as well as other interests and concerns.

Welcome to Dadding Today!


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The 11 Rules to successful Dadding

I don't know how many billions of Dad's there are out there in the world, but that's at least how many different opinions there are on being a Dad. While we might be able to reasonably discount a few, every one of those opinions are just that... an opinion and no better or worse than yours or mine.

So, with that premise, and knowing that some may agree with me, some may disagree, but most won't care one way or the other, I present to you the
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A Day At The Game

My wife got us all tickets to a Seattle Mariners game this past Sunday. One of the things that I was hoping to come from this game was to teach my son how to do baseball score keeping. More on that in a bit

This past Sunday was our semi-regular annual day at a Mariners game. Except for last year we have taken the twins to at least one of the Seattle Mariners home games each year and as the kids have gotten older the enjoyment has the improved, both theirs and mine. 
The other reason that we do this is that we have a new Au Pair each year and it gives them an American cultural experience. There was a time not too long ago when a Chevy commercial went something like “As American as Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet” so this is a great slice of American culture to share with international visitors. This year we also had our Au Pair's dad visiting with us for a couple of weeks from South Africa, and her boyfriend was also joining us, so anticipation and excitement was high.

KGOY - Kids Getting Older Younger

Please NoteSince this was a bit more preachy and a downer then I had originally intended I have included a link to a video that I created and posted on youtube several years ago on memories from my youth to help lighten the mood of this blog 

KGOY - I did not make that up, I promise.

But it is a reality that I have clearly seen, probably better than most since I raised my oldest daughter and son starting in the mid 80's.

30 years later and the differences between the two times is not always fully appreciated by many of today's parents. My 11 year old's are learning stuff in the 5th grade that I did not even learn until High School.

When I was a kid (I can hear the grumbling now "here we go") we had one TV. A black and white with rabbit ears and 3 networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) plus a couple of PBS and the like.

Being the youngest, I had no say in what we watched so, depending on the show, I sometimes enjoyed the adver…