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The Camping Years

Probably more aptly named "The Trailer Years", as the last time I slept on the ground was in 1986 when I was in the US Air Force stationed in Germany (West Germany at the time). So, 30 or so years later the thought of sleeping on the cold, damp ground and then trying to get off the ground the next morning without looking like an Old Man to my kids was not going to work for me. And it was a nonstarter for my wife as well.

It all started off well, with my wife and I heading out to "window shop".

Let me be clear, I have never done "window shopping" very well, always ending up to be more like "window buying".  Not to say that we didn't do our research, but once there actually looking at the trailer we were sold.

So, we went to a Car and RV dealer and bought a nice 27' light weight trailer, with a slide out

and an outdoor kitchen. High fives all around. Except, it was a bit too much for my GMC Yukon to trailer. I was a bit nervous, so I listened to my "friend" the nice young salesman (ok, my bad here)  and we traded in my Yukon in for a GMC Denali Pickup.

A used pickup.

I had developed a perspective over the years that buying a used car/truck was just buying headaches. But, based on the situation, I convinced myself that this was going to be just fine, this truck was going to be just what we needed. It was perfect. Great ride home. Lots of smiles.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and those of you who were thinking this was going to end badly, well, you were right. The first time out with truck and trailer and the engine blew, literally, creating headaches and challenges for us for the next few weeks.

However, it all eventually ended up just fine and we were directionally correct and on the right path (with a brand new Pickup, thanks to my "friend" the sales guy again).

That first camping experience in our own new trailer with the kids was great. We went to a semi local KOA, the kids swam and played and ran themselves ragged and we had a great weekend away from the house and TV and yard work and just hanging together.

My take away here: Follow your instincts and gut feel. In this case, initially buying the used truck.  (This was neither the last truck, nor the last trailer during our fun & interesting camping adventures.)

 that was not actually our first camping trip as a family

"Big Bertha and the Ride of Terror" is another story for another time...


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